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Hey there!

My name is Priyanka. MeeSareeKa was started to represent South Indian Saree Fashion in the US. Although there are many different styles and collections available in America, many still look for the authenticity that India offers. We are living in the most diverse country with little recognition towards our culture. So, I thought why not bring home here? The uniqueness about MeeSareeKa is that our sarees are delivered to you within 4-5 business days as our collections are in stock here with us. It's less time consuming, affordable with free shipping!  


The goal is to launch a Saree brand that everyone can enjoy and be creative with by making it a fashion statement without altering its true beauty.  There are so many different ways you can drape a sari. You can style it with Jeans, skirt, Patiala pants (Flared pants), different regional draping's and designs. Fashion can be anything we want right? So, let's make it our own by adding a bit of tradition!

About MeeSareeKa

MeeSareeKa, a brand that is determined to introduce Authentic South Indian Saree Collection throughout USA through E-Commerce. There are various kinds of materials and a variety of weaving techniques practiced in South India which differ by different regions.


We started this brand to emphasize the beauty and give recognition to South Indian culture through fashion. There is an immense availability of sarees in USA, however, none of them portray the authenticity that South India’s patterns or designs have to offer such as: 'Pochampally Ikkat' made in Telangana, 'Venkatagiri/Kanchipattu' sarees woven in Andhra Pradesh, 'Kanjeevaram/Chettinadu' the silk of Tamil Nadu, famous 'Mysore Crepe of Karnataka and 'Kerala Kasavu Saree' made of cotton.


Sarees are epitome of beauty, elegance and grace. The goal is to make MeeSareeKa a brand where everyone can enjoy and feel beautiful in without compromising over the tradition. 'MeeSareeKa' translates to 'YOUR SAREE' in Telugu. My mission is to present all of the South Indian designs, and patterns that everyone can enjoy by breaking the barriers of genders norms and celebrated by different races.


 MeeSareeKa is for all. a.ka. "Your Saree"


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